Let's Geek Out on 'Star Wars' -- It's What George Lucas Would Want (PHOTOS)

han solo in carbonite
Me and my boyfriend Han -- he hates photos!
As part of my recent all Star Wars weekend* with my son in which we visited Skywalker Ranch and LucasArts and saw a sneak peek at Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 3D, I have to say I went into a complete and utter Star Wars mania geekout. I couldn't get enough!

I mean, how surreal is it for a former kid of the 1970s to have Stormtroopers holding the door for you and R2-D2 leading you to the loo. I swear to God I started twirling my hair nervously into Princess Leia buns while trying to shake anxiety sweats from the surges in my Midi-chlorian count.

So I just gotta share some of the best moments from our trip -- because it was a total trip, indeed. It was a Star Wars memorabilia dream. Check it out.


When I walked in, C-3PO was like, "If I may say so, Madam, I see that your hyperdrive motivator has resulted in a fabulous hair day. And that scarf and sweater are a total power flux coupling." I bet he says that to all the lady visitors.

C3PO start wars skywalker ranch

Oh looky here -- Phantom Menace costumes. -- I bet there's some Natalie Portman and Liam Neeson DNA up in there!

phantom menace costumes star wars

Yoda is a total marketing genius. He wore those 3D glasses the entire time, using his ever-wise and hypnotic voice to say things like "Many 3D movies in your future, I foresee."

yoda obi-wan lucas films

Finally, a Stormtrooper is put to good use. The miniature toy ones at our house can't even double as bookends.


I don't know what these guys were doing. I was tempted to send them on a coffee run.

stormtroopers star wars

Petting R2-D2 was weird. Cause he's not soft. And yet, no one could stop petting him.


Yoda at it again. He couldn't get enough of the press action (and still with the 3D glasses ... ). I swear I heard him say, "Pixar is the path to the Dark Side."

yoda obi-wan lucas films

This would be a perfect setup for mealtime peacekeeping at our house. Armed Stormtroopers at breakfast, lunch and dinner, yes!!!


R2-D2: "Bleep diddly bleep beep Make me a YouTube Star! deep beep boop boop."


I'm telling you, no one could stop petting him.


A rare moment with Yoda NOT in his promotional 3D glasses.

yoda star wars

Wrong movie, dude. But thanks for coming out and putting that light on in your chest and all.


Sorry, Han. One last photo!

han solo in carbonite

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D opens in theaters today -- Friday, February 10th. Check out the Phantom Menace trailer.

Do you have or have you ever had Star Wars mania?


* Our Star Wars weekend was courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

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