Elizabeth Banks Directed Porn as a Good Samaritan Duty

Elizabeth Banks has been on fire lately, don't you think? She's been consistently hilarious on 30 Rock, she looks amazing as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games, and she's currently starring in the thriller Man on a Ledge. Who knew her increasingly diverse acting career included producing movies? Or, for that matter, directing porn?

Yes, apparently Banks recently went behind the scenes for her latest project, teaming up with her husband to produce the comedy Pitch Perfect, which is—are you ready for this?—a musical film about competitive collegiate a cappella groups.

If that doesn't sound quite weird enough, there's always the fact that part of her producing gig involved directing a fictional porno for the film. 


Pitch Perfect is the story of an all-girls college a cappella group trying to take on the all-guys championship team—with, naturally, a rookie leading the underdogs. On the surface it sounds a bit like a Glee knockoff, but personally I'm hoping it's got more of a Christopher Guest vibe to it because YES TO THAT, am I right? At the very least, the movie will definitely bring some talent to the screen with Oscar-nominated Anna Kendrick and the hilariously weird Rebel Wilson (remember her as Kristen Wiig’s freaky roommate in Bridesmaids?).

Banks appeared on Jimmy Kimmel recently
and discussed her producing duties for Pitch Perfect ... which apparently included directing a fake porn. Something she's not entirely unfamiliar with, actually, she was in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Whoah: meta.

Anyway, it turns out
Banks stepped up to the porn plate because she didn't want the scantily-clad women to feel uncomfortable having a man behind the camera:

It's for the background of a scene in a frat house ... There was no one else to direct it. It felt really skeezy. I was like, "Hey, Baton Rouge ladies, come on down to the Crown Plaza ... in your underwear and let me film you for a porno that's gonna be in this movie." It just felt gross to have, like, some dude do it so I just did it.

Is that generous or what? Banks, you are a gentlelady and a scholar.

Here's the clip of Banks chatting about her new role as skin-flick director.

Okay so the porn itself sounds pretty weak (women cleaning and ironing? Find-and-replace with some hot naked dudes and now we're talking), but I have to admit, I'm a little intrigued by Pitch Perfect. As long as it's less Glee and more Best in Show, that is.

What do you think about Elizabeth Banks' new role as movie producer? Do you think Pitch Perfect will be any good?


Image via Jimmy Kimmel

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