10 Ways 'Moonrise Kingdom' Will Delight Wes Anderson Fans (VIDEO)

moonrise kingdomI almost couldn't fall asleep last night because I was so excited -- the trailer to Wes Anderson's next movie, Moonrise Kingdom, was just released! I kid you not when I tell you I think about Anderson's movies every single day of my life. Catchphrases from those movies have infected my family's language. And finally, he's back with more delicious Anderson/Coppla-ness.

Cynics complain that all of Wes Anderson's films are the same. But I say, well of course, that's the point! This is what makes his fans so rabid loyal -- what he dishes up is the same peculiar kind of magic, and speaking for myself, I can't get enough. I can tell just from the trailer that Moonrise Kingdom will have all the signature elements of Wes Anderson's movies.

  1. Old-fashioned communication devices: Hand-written letters on twee letterhead, a bullhorn, a hand-cranked siren, and not an iPhone in sight. No doubt walkie talkies are used at some point as well. 
  2. Tents: Remember the pup tent in The Royal Tenenbaums? Now we have a whole campground full of them!
  3. Bill Murray: What Wes Anderson film is complete without the actor? I'm always glad to see him.
  4. Killer ensemble: And speaking of actors, Wes always manages to bring together the oddest, most rewarding ensemble of actors. Here we get Ed Norton, Frances McDormand (love her!), Tilda Swinton (inevitable), and -- what? Bruce Willis? Brilliant. I miss Angelica Houston already, though!
  5. Slow mo: There's always at least one slow-motion ensemble scene with some amazing pop song you haven't heard in forever. 
  6. Fantasy world that springs from a kid's imagination: It goes beyond just "precocious kids." Anderson's films have a genuine respect for the imaginary worlds created by kids. That sincerity makes all the other potentially arch and ironic elements hold together.
  7. Cool girl who really gets you: Even when they're bossy or skeptical, they're always the sensible but irresistible center around which the Anderson protagonist revolves.
  8. All about the visual details: Looks like Anderson is obsessive as always about getting the clothes, the cinematography, the props, everything exactly right. His OCD is our pleasure. 
  9. Elaborate plans: Always, there is some journey or quest that requires plans, maps, directions, and paraphernalia. And always, something goes awry.
  10. Robert Mothersbaugh soundtrack: We get the '60s French pop tunes as well as the sweeping Gustav Holst. I don't see his name in the credits (odd!) but it still sounds like his musical aesthetic.

Who else's heart is palpitating like mad just watching this trailer?


Image via supermovietrailers20/YouTube

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