'Blind Side' Mom Tweets Awesome Smackdown to Film Hater

If the name Leigh Anne Tuohy isn't familiar to you, it's probably because it's easier to think of Sandra Bullock, who won a Best Actress award for portraying Tuohy in The Blind Side. In real life,  Tuohy really is an interior designer who in 2002 took a struggling boy into her family's house in Memphis, Tennessee, engulfed him in affection and support, and eventually adopted him.

As you may remember from the film (or the book it was based on), Michael Oher went from being a homeless teenager with a bleak future to a young man who found his calling and became a football superstar—thanks in no small part to Tuohy's unconditional love and belief in his abilities. Tuohy's been described as a strong, motherly woman with a firecracker attitude under her Southern charm, and she definitely showed her true colors in a recent Twitter interaction with a film editor.

Lesson learned? If you bash The Blind Side in public, Leigh Anne Tuohy just might take you to school.


The exchanged happened when Scott Tobias, film editor from The Onion's AV Club, tweeted that he hated both The Help and The Blind Side. Tuohy responded to the criticism, but she didn't attack him or anything like that—instead, she firmly set him straight on where his priorities should lie:

I have to confess, part of me is cringing a bit for the guy (god knows I've flapped my opinion-hole on Twitter plenty of times without thinking of the impact of my words), and I'm not entirely sure the #sadforyou dig was
completely necessary, but you've got to admire this woman's moxie. She's clearly every bit of a badass mom as she was depicted in the film, and probably a lot more so.

A couple years ago,
Tuohy talked about the impact Michael Oher made on her family's lives, saying,

We came out of this as a stronger family. I’m thankful. I also think that we are so much aware of all people now and feelings and their needs. You don’t know what the guy next to you has going on. He’s got mud on his shoes or a tattoo. We’re so quick to judge. We are so, so quick to judge. You don’t know the worth of that person or what they could contribute to society. We tend to put labels on people. There’s a lot of things that we’ve come through so much, I think, the better.

You can see the strength of her character in those comments, and it shines through in that brief Twitter interaction. Heck, I'll even forgive her for the atrocious way she wrote the first tweet, because the message is definitely worthy … even if the grammar isn't. I'm guessing that editor will think twice about bashing a movie from here on out, especially if it's based on a real person.

What do you think of Leigh Anne Tuohy's Twitter smackdown? Were you a fan of the movie?

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