'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' Sequel: What to Expect

dragon tattooBy now thousands of you have already seen the blockbuster thriller, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. And it's left you hungry for more! Will there be a sequel... or two? And if so, when? The film just barely released and fans already want details.

Well the good news is that all the pieces are there: Dragon Tattoo novelist Steig Larsson is dead, but he left behind 2 sequels to his novel: The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Knocked the Hornet's Nest. Both involve the same characters. And it looks like we will see those novels on film -- maybe-sort-of-probably-most-likely. Hollywood execs wanted to make sure the first movie is a money-maker before they commit. We'll have to wait until after the holidays, but it could happen -- and with the same cast and crew! Here's what we've learned so far.


1. Director David Fincher hasn't committed to the sequels... yet. But he's been given first dibs if the sequels are green-lighted. And he's thinking about it.

2. Even better, it looks like the sequels would be filmed back-to-back for two important reasons: One is that the two sequel novels together tell one story. You can't do one without the other. Secondly, Fincher would not want the filming of the sequels to drag on for years for star, Rooney Mara:

Yes, the second two books [in the Millennium trilogy] are very much one story and it doesn’t seem prudent to me to go to Sweden for a year.  Come back for a year.  Put out the second one.  Go to Sweden for a year.  Come back for a year.  I don’t think Rooney [Mara] wants to be doing this four years from now.  So I think that would be crazy especially given the sense that it’s really one story that’s kind of bifurcated in the middle.

3. I take it that also means the sequel would include Rooney Mara -- good news! 

4. Meanwhile, it looks like the screenplay will probably be written by Girl with Dragon Tattoo screenwriter Steven Zaillian. Fincher says, "I've seen Steven [Zaillian]'s script for the second one and it's really good." But whatever Fincher has seen must be only the beginning. In an interview with Collider, Steven said he'd just barely started writing it!

The stars are aligning, Dragon Tattoo fans. Keep your fingers crossed -- there could be dark, juicy, gloomy more! I think the series would suffer in the hands of just about anyone else. But if the same director and screenwriter team up, not to mention the same stars, looks like we'll have something phenomenal to look forward to come winter 2013. 

Are you already dying to see the sequels to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?


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