'The Hobbit' Trailer Looks Amazing, But We'll Miss These Actors (VIDEO)

the hobbitCate Blanchett and Ian McKellan in 'The Hobbit'As a huge Peter Jackson/Lord of the Rings trilogy fan (yes, I liked the books before the movies), I'm completely psyched for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. If the trailer is any indication, it should truly be a magnificent film, one that will no doubt make me start fantasizing about moving to New Zealand and living under a waterfall.

But I have to warn you, The Hobbit will be missing some of your -- and my -- favorite actors. Some of our favorite ruggedly handsome actors.

This makes sense: They're not in the movie because their characters weren't in the book. (The Hobbit is a prequel to the LOTR trilogy, remember.) The Hobbit is pretty heavy on the dwarves, if you recall.

And the stars I'm talking about are way, waaaay too hot to play dwarves.


Who am I talking about?

Sadly -- brace yourself -- there will be no Viggo Mortensen in The Hobbit. I know, I know. It's very, very sad. No Aragorn! No big dreamy blue eyes, no chiseled features, no more Mortensen at all. (Are you okay? Maybe you should take a moment.)

Of course, you're not going to feel any better after I tell you about this next one. Some of us had hoped for a Boromir cameo, but alas -- Sean Bean will not be seen in The Hobbit. How can this be? The man was born to be in movies like these! Sigh. Thank god for Game of Thrones.

The last actor whose presence I shall mourn might strike you as a less obvious choice, unless you're a rabid member of his cult following, in which case you probably want to know why I didn't mention him first. It's Billy Boyd, of course -- otherwise known as Pippin -- who won't be in The Hobbit either. But he played a hobbit!! Where's the justice?

On the bright side, Orlando Bloom is back, baby!

And the movie does look, as I said, amazing. Watch:

Which LOTR characters will you miss in The Hobbit?


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