Kristen Stewart vs. Julia Roberts in 'Snow White' Poster Showdown: Who's Hotter?

snow white postersPosters of the two rival Snow White movies are flying all over the Internet and in theaters right now, and one thing is pretty clear: There will be a Snow White movie out there for just about everyone. Love a darker fairy tale with adventure? Then Snow White and the Huntsman is for you. Like your fairy tales light and comic? You'll want to see Mirror Mirror.

The posters for the summer movies couldn't look more different. The colors, the lettering, the way the actors are posed, even the actors themselves -- all scream "Don't accidentally see the other movie! This is the one you want!" And, ooh, I have to say -- Kristen Stewart's movie looks even cooler in comparison now!


I love Julia Roberts as much as the next person, and that Amelie-looking Lily Collins as Snow White on the Mirror Mirror posters looks adorbs. But those corny sayings, "One Bad Apple" written right under Julia holding a poisoned apple, just have me cringing. GET IT?!? The witch is a bad apple -- and also she makes one! Knee-slapper! Not to mention all that cheerful red and white. What does that remind me of? Oh yeah, Target. So does that mean Mirror Mirror is the Target of Snow White movies?

Meanwhile, the Snow White and the Huntsman posters tell a completely different story. Charlize Theron looks truly scary, not comic like Julia Roberts. Sam Clafin glares behind a raised sword, or a hatchet in another poster, looking both sexy and threatening. And Kristen Stewart looks over her shoulder -- why, is someone after her? The colors are dark and earthy, and there's lots of scraggly tree branches and black birds flying. The posters make the movie look hip and thrilling.

If I were just going by the posters I'd have to say it looks like Kristen Stewart's movie really is going to kick ass. I kind of thought Mirror Mirror looked like a fun movie before, but now that I've seen the posters I'm a little turned off. Of course, I don't base my movie choices just on the poster. But with movie prices being what they are, even the littlest details can make a difference between seeing that second Sleeping Beauty movie and just skipping it.

Which movie posters do you like better?


Images via Universal Pictures and Relativity Media


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