Critics' Choice Nominations Put Ryan Gosling on Top (Oh Yeah)

Awards season is heating up, and for those who believe the Broadcast Film Critics Association is typically the first to predict the year's Oscars, this morning's announcement of the Critics' Choice nominations just may provide an early peek at the Academy's surprises to come.

The 17th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards list includes the most obvious picks, like
Martin Scorsese's Hugo, which appeared in practically every category (Best Picture, Best Young Actor, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Movie That Starts With the Letter "H", etc.). Color me unamazed that Scorsese swept the nominations, but guess what other movie is at the very tippy-top of the lists?

Drive. That's right, ladies. 2011 really was the Year of the Gosling.


Hugo and The Artist (a black-and-white ode to silent films, you should check out the trailer if you haven't heard anything about this one) both scored 11 nods from the Critics Association, but Drive is right behind them with nominations in 8 categories—including, can I get a hallelujah, Best Actor for Ryan Gosling.

Since Best Picture and Best Director noms typically improve a film's chances of appearing in the revered Academy Awards list, the Critics' Choice list just may seal
Drive's deal as a legitimate contender in the Oscars race. The film also nabbed Best Actor, Supporting Actor, Cinematography, Editing, Action Movie, and Score, so I'm calling it right now—Drive is going to show up SOMEWHERE when the list of nominees is announced on January 24.

The interesting thing about the upcoming Oscars is that there's really no clear front runner. In addition to the Critics' Choice picks of
Hugo, The Artist, and Drive, we've got The Help, The Descendants, The Ides of March, and even Bridesmaids appearing in the list of nominations ... but nothing appears to be a standout winner. You never know, Gosling may just walk home with a golden statuette for Best Actor.

was absolutely one of my favorite movies from 2011, and I'm glad to see it so widely recognized by the Film Critics Association. Gosling's minimalist performance in that film was out of this world, and I totally agree with Roger Ebert's statement that Gosling "has shown a gift for finding arresting, powerful characters [and] can achieve just about anything."

Plus, having just seen
Crazy, Stupid, Love, I think my appreciation for Gosling has deepened in several meaningful ways. Some of those ways may be related to his torso, it's true, but I also think he's a fantastic acting talent who definitely deserves industry appreciation for his work in 2011. Also I hope that if he wins, he removes his shirt in order to give his acceptance speech.

Do you think Ryan Gosling deserves an Oscar this year?

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