'John Carter' Trailer (a.k.a. Tim Riggins on Mars) Is Swoon-Worthy (VIDEO)

Taylor Kitch, John Carter
Taylor Kitsch in John Carter
For sci-fi lovers, the 2012 release of Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch's new film John Carter, based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' sci-fi books, including John Carter of Mars, means super-awesome, big-screen Martian battle scenes galore. However, for Friday Night Lights fans, like me, it means super-awesome, big-screen shirtless Taylor Kitsch in Martian battle scenes galore.

While I'm a huge fan of simply WATCHING Taylor Kitsch alone (specifically his hair, you know, just blowing in the wind ...), I'm totally open to enjoying his breakout role (away from FNL-only stardom anyway) in this dark, action-packed Mars civil war movie, too. What? It looks good. See for yourself!

Check out the newly released full trailer after the jump.


WATCH the John Carter trailer:

Sigh. Did you hear it when Kitsch said to the lady, "Yes ma'am"? It was soooo Tim Riggins.

But seriously, folks, and beyond my compulsive need to simply love on Taylor Kitsch for his pretty looks, this role does look like it's starting something new for the actor. This is no small town in Texas. This is out of this world, and from the looks of the trailer, it looks like Kitsch is up for the task.

The trailer also gives us a better glimpse at some amazing special effects and of Kitsch's co-stars, including Lynn Collins, Mark Strong, Dominic West (loved him in The Wire), Willem Dafoe (always good), and Bryan Cranston (a favorite of mine!).

John Carter hits theaters on March 9, 2012.

Will you go see John Carter next year?


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