Michael J. Fox's 'Back to the Future' Rockout Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)

michael j. fox rocking out to johnny b goodeCall me a geek, a nerd, a dork, what have you, but Back to the Future has and always will be my fave flick. When asked why, I pontificate on how the classic '80s film has everything a movie-goer could possibly want -- romance, action/adventure, comedy, sci-fi, special effects!

When I learned a while back that Michael J. Fox almost didn't play Marty (Eric Stoltz was originally cast in the role), I was shocked. Most of us couldn't possibly imagine anyone else as Marty! And that's why it was even cooler that MJF "reprised" the beloved role recently at his charity event to combat Parkinson's this past weekend. He performed "Johnny B. Goode" -- just like he did for his "folks" at the Fish Enchantment Under the Sea Dance in 1955!


Any time a classic movie moment comes to life, we all swoon, but this is one for the history books, people! Not only did Fox get up there and do his thing with the electric guitar, but he actually played it this time. (As most BTTF buffs know, he faked it during the 1980s film shoot.) And the result was a.) super-heartwarming, b.) spectacular, and c.) totally rockin'! Check it out ...

Although there was no crawling around on his back while doing crazed riffing, I am well beyond satisfied with how this played out!! I wonder if right afterward, they did a rendition of "Earth Angel," and MJF strummed along while making sure his hand wasn't disappearing right before his very eyes? Oooh, ooh, and was Christopher Lloyd there saying, "Damn, where is that kid?! Damn. Damn Damn"? Hahah, maybe not, but this video definitely made my day.

How awesome is Michael J. Fox?! 


Image via YouTube

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