'Hunger Games' Trailer Finally Gives Fans the Goods (VIDEO)

At ease, Hunger Games fans—your long wait to finally clap eyes on the full-length trailer is OVER. The clip premiered on Good Morning America today, but luckily for those of us who missed it, it's now available online.

I have to say, I clicked "play" with a teeny, tiny amount of anxiety. What if it was a giant overhyped disappointment? What if it was just two solid minutes of the animated logo? What if the acting was horrible and wooden and it featured supernatural characters who sparkled in the sunlight? (*cough*)

Having watched the trailer at least five times in a row now, I think I can safely say without any hyperbole whatsoever that OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO KICK SO MUCH ASS.


In my opinion, the trailer delivers on all fronts. It comes pretty damn close to giving me everything I'd hoped to see, and then some. Take a look, if you haven't already:

Wow, right? Did anyone else choke up a tiny bit during the reaping scene? Just me? Come on, what are you, some sort of heartless robot? Check out that agonized scream from Katniss: "I VOLUNTEER!" Oh, man.


I think it's genius that they gave us a little glimpse at some of those casting choices that seemed a little ... odd, at the time of their announcement. I mean, the Lenny Kravitz/Cinna thing didn't make a lot of sense to me before, but he looks utterly perfect.


Woody Harrelson as Haymitch also looks awesome, as does Donald Sutherland as Snow, and of course Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket.

One thing that's kind of interesting is how much screen time they gave to Gale, which makes me wonder if he'll play a more prominent role in the film than he did in the book. Personally, I'm a fan of that idea, especially since Peeta seems to be sporting a rather unfortunate dye job.

Gale: kinda hot.

Peeta: kinda not.

Also a genius move: the final 20 seconds or so, delivered via countdown as Katniss prepares to enter the arena. How about that grim, reassuring nod from Cinna? BRILL.YANT.

The scenery is spot-on, the characters look great, and they gave us just the right amount of action without giving everything away. A+ effort, and I officially cannot wait until March 23.

What do you think about the Hunger Games trailer? Were you impressed?

Images via YouTube

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