'Snow White & The Huntsman' Trailer Makes the Boring Princess Seem Cool

If we have heard the Snow White story once, we have heard it a thousand times. Now Snow White and the Huntsman is slated for release next summer, starring Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Charlize Theron as the evil queen. This latest retelling looks among the most intriguing.

Let's face it: Of the Disney princesses, Snow White is the most dreadful. She is young (14 in the film) and about as simple as they come. Even Disney's Cinderella is more of a spark plug than Snow White who seems only to drift lazily from one scene to the next with little regard for her own well-being.

Well, Stewart's Snow White could kick Disney's Snow White's lily white bum across a canyon. She is fierce, strong, kick ass, and while it's questionable whether she is "fairer" than Theron (come on, now), she is certainly intriguing. Here is the trailer:


It looks good, right? Personally, I am getting just a little sick of the modern fairy tale retelling. Between TV -- Once Upon a Time and Grimm -- and the movies -- this and Mirror, Mirror -- it's getting a touch old to see Snow White and other fairy tale characters.

That said, it's nice to see Snow White get an infusion of butt-kicking. As the mom of a daughter, I welcome the idea that her idols need not be simpleton, passive receivers, but might also be strong female leads in their own right.

Good on Stewart! It's a far cry from the docile and boring Bella Swan, no? I think my daughter may be too young for the film, but I am looking forward to catching it and possibly reevaluating my dismissal of the yawn-worthy princess with lips as red as blood and skin as white as the driven snow.

Does this look good to you?


Image via Universal

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