These Amazing 'Hunger Games' Scenes Will Make the Movie Worth Watching

After a record-setting amount of preliminary publicity -- including about a thousand different casting announcements, a handful of images, an animated poster, and a frustratingly short teaser clip -- the full-length trailer for The Hunger Games is finally going to be released next week. On Monday, November 14, an official trailer will debut on Good Morning America and will simultaneously be streamed on the JumboTron in Times Square.

(Presumably it will hit the web shortly thereafter, for those of us who don't watch morning TV.)

This clip will surely reveal more than the brief bit of action we saw from the sneak peek (which was pretty much just Katniss hauling ass through a fire-bombed forest), but what strategy do you think they'll take with the full trailer? A mishmash of scenes that essentially give away the whole movie (as is the trend lately), or something that whets our appetite while leaving us longing for more?


Personally, I think they should choose the latter approach. That said, here's what I'm hoping to see:

A believable District 12. It would be awesome to get a visual sense for how District 12 is made up of not just the poor/starving Seam, but also the black market and the fancy Victor's Village. Also, I'd like to see a moment from Gale and Katniss's early hunting outings. (TEAM GALE!)

Katniss shooting an arrow into the roasted pig at the Gamemakers' table. Because that would be a great way to reveal the moment of her defiance and hint at the badassery to come.

A teeny, tiny glimpse of Katniss as the Girl on Fire. No, don't show the entire costume -- just a teasing little peek. And she better not look like an ice skater, dammit.

An extended clip of that forest scene. She's in the forest, Gamemakers are flinging fireballs at her, now let's see the Careers who are chasing her and maybe even a look at those freaky tracker jackers.

The muttations. I want to see these things, but only if they're insanely awesome. If they're like CGI dogs, then forget it.

Effie Trinket in action. Yes, let's clap eyes on Elizabeth Banks fully decked out in the pink hair, green suit, and delivering that famous line: "May the odds be ever in your favor."

Even if I wasn't excited about the movie itself (which I totally am), I'd be super-interested to see this trailer. After all the promotional work that's happened thus far, and considering The Hunger Games is one of the most anticipated releases of 2012, you know an insane amount of work went into this preview. Whatever they end up showing, it will be worth watching just to see how Lionsgate approached this final and mission-critical piece of marketing.

What would you like to see in the trailer on Monday?

Image via Lionsgate

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