Princess Diana Can Do Better Than Jessica Chastain

jessica chastainHere's a casting choice that has me going "huh?!?" Jessica Chastain will be playing Princess Diana in a biopic titled Caught in Flight about the rumored affair the former princess had with Pakistani-born surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan. And I have to say, I'm just not feeling the Jessica-Di magic.

Maybe it's just because by some miracle I still have not seen a Jessica Chastain movie. I know, what are the odds? She's in everything this year! What can I say, I watch all my movies on Netflix these days so I'll probably catch up on the Chastain mania sometime around late 2012. Anyway, there's a tricky mixture of charm, glamour, vulnerability, calculation, risk-taking, and sheer will that make up Princess Di as we've known her. It's going to be difficult to play that role without turning it into a cheap imitation. Here are the five actresses I think could do Di better than Jessica.


Gwyneth Paltrow I know half of you out there hate her, but come on. Who else could do pampered and privileged, charismatic and troubled like GP? She's already proven she can do the posh English accent and she's definitely got the right coloring.

Michelle Williams When I first heard Michelle Williams was cast as Marilyn Monroe for My Week with Marilyn, I thought, eh, I don't see it. Michelle had played these quieter, almost mousy characters (Blue Valentine, Brokeback Mountain). But then I saw the trailer and wow, if those 30 seconds are any indication she nailed it. Seriously, put some blue contact lenses on Michelle and she'll nail it. She's our generation's Meryl Streep.

Charlize Theron She's another actress with the right looks and the right poise, plus she'd be able to give the role some gravitas and depth. People were kicking the idea of Charlize playing Lady Di last year for another biopic.

Elizabeth Moss Yes, really. Have you ever noticed how many times the Mad Men star does that same exact coy smile with her chin tucked every so slightly down -- just like Di? Maybe it's just me. Anyway, I think Elizabeth has the acting chops. She's just a wig way from being spot on for the role.

Lindsay Lohan No, I'm just kidding about that one. Ha! Moving on.

Mara Rooney After Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, we may never see this actress the same way again, but I think she could pull off a very haunted Di. Plus, when she's not in her punky garb, she is just a gorgeous as the former princess.

Can you see Jessica Chastain as Princess Di or would you rather see someone else play the former princess?

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