3 New 'Breaking Dawn' Clips With Edward, Bella, and Jacob (VIDEOS)

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Bella and Edward and the marital bed
Who can't get enough The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 teasers (raises both hands high)? I know we're supposed to have patience and wait until November 18 to see the movie in full and in all its big-screen glory, but some of us aren't that into waiting. Some of us (me!) are totally in love with the slow trickle of sneak peeks and other goodies from Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and behind the scenes that have been hitting the web, PLUS coming soon -- interviews with the cast! So today, because I have no patience and thought maybe you might have none either -- I found THREE NEW CLIPS with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner! Perfection.

Take a peek at all three new Breaking Dawn, Part 1 teasers after the jump.

Warning: SPOILERS!!!


One clip covers Bella and Edward's arrival in their honeymoon suite, the next is all Jacob start to finish, and the final one shows that all-too-shocking moment between Bella and Edward when they realize something wilder than they ever dreamed is going to come out of their honeymoon excursion.

Alright, let's watch!

The Jacob clip:

I love that part where Jacob yells, "You kill her, you kill me!" Oh, Jacob ... and just wait and see what her pregnancy has in store for you. You have no idea! Am I right?

Bella and Edward's honeymoon clip:

Awww, the honeymoon calm before the pregnancy storm! Speaking of ...

The "I'm late" clip:

OMG, I'm so excited to see how Bella's pregnancy plays out on the big screen.

Which of the scenes in these new clips excites you most?


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