'Paranormal Activity 3' Is the Perfect Halloween Scarefest (VIDEO)

paranormal activity 3Get ready to scream! Paranormal Activity 3, the third installment in Paramount's highly followed horror franchise, hits theaters today. While I may be about as squeamish of a moviegoer as they come -- I'm pretty excited. Hey, 'tis the season to be scared shitless, right?

The film is a prequel that follows the younger versions of the two adult sisters we met in the first two frightening films as they interact with invisible friend Toby in their camera-rigged house. Seems to me like there's going to be many long freakish silences followed by things that go bump and screams galore. In other words: All the makings of a scary movie spectacular.

Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, Paranormal Activity 3 is the perfect way to get in the spooky spirit. But what do the critics think? Check out Paranormal Activity 3 reviews after the jump:


Ty Burr, The Boston Globe:

Paranormal Activity 3 has no interest in art. It just wants to give you the willies with a minimum of gore and a maximum of camcorder dread, and it succeeds.

Claudia Puid, USA Today:

This may be the most ambitious Paranormal, and while it's not the most frightening, it's the kind of Halloween scare-fest enhanced by a jittery audience in a packed theater.

Richard Corliss, TIME Magazine:

The filmmakers throw in a few cheesy scares: mom in a monster mask, a baby sitter jumping in front of a camera. But the rest is pretty freaking cool.

Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly:

I don't scare easily at horror films (that's one of the reasons I tend to pan them), but I watched Paranormal Activity 3 in a state of high anxiety.

Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter:

Although not exactly breaking any new ground with its by now all too familiar found-footage format, Paranormal Activity 3 hews to the formula in expertly crafted fashion, mustering up the requisite scares and then some.

Personally, I'm scared just looking at the two young girls, played by Jessica Tyler Brown (Young Kristi Rey) and Chloe Csengery (Young Katie). Be prepared to be freaked out, and watch the Paranormal Activity 3 trailer here:

Are you planning on seeing Paranormal Activity 3?

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