Twilight Time Capsule Is Perfect for Hardcore Fans

Hey Twihards, are you tired of scouring YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and eighty million other websites to get your daily Twilight fix? Ever wish there was one comprehensive location for every single thrilling vampire/human/werewolf moment you could possibly want to revisit? Does it ever seem like there simply isn't enough Twilight-related content available to service your insatiable bloodthirsty needs?

If so, please scootch immediately to the end of your chair, because you are only going to need the EDGE. Introducing the Twilight Time Capsule, where you can wallow in all things Bella, Edward, and Jacob . . . from now until it's time to camp out in line for Breaking Dawn.


Summit Entertainment has launched what they are calling an "interactive online community," where fans can relive all their favorite Twilight moments by surfing the trailers, posters, photos and more from the entire saga. Not only that, you can post your own Twilight content by uploading photos, videos, and checking out other fan-created media. Filters let you search the site by film, date, character, type, or category, and you can of course comment on and share all the cool stuff you discover.

Here's a video of Nikki Reed telling you how the whole thing works:

(Boy, Nikki, way to drum up enthusiasm. I was so caught up in your infectious tone I almost fell asleep over here.)

The "timeline" concept has to do with the fact that you can essentially tag any of your submitted content with a specific date. The Twilight timeline spans from the first film's release in 2008 until 2013, when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 comes out on DVD.

I haven't spent a ton of time on the site, but overall I think it looks like a super fun way for fans to interact and get their Twilight on. Do you have a Team Edward tattoo on your bicep? Now's your chance to show it to the world! Did you make a crazy video that digitally replaces Bella's face with your own? Frankly, that sounds a little extreme, but not to worry—it's sure to be appreciated by other devoted fans.

Since there are at least 8 easy-peasy ways to upload your content to the Twilight Time Capsule, you've got no reason to keep that amazing/slightly creepy Jacob shrine to yourself. Go forth and share! Or at least surf on through and see what's available, because there's some fun stuff on there. (Like, um, trailer reaction videos up the yin-yang. OHMIGOSH!)

What do you think of the Twilight Time Capsule?

Image via Twilight Time Capsule

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