'American Reunion' Trailer Proves Masturbation DOES Get Old (VIDEO)

It has been 12 years since we first met the American Pie gang during their ill-fated attempt to all lose their virginity. Now they are older and wiser and so are the fans. So it makes sense that the new movie would have to be all grown up, too. Still, we want it to deliver the laughs.

Sure enough, it does. But they are the same laughs from 12 years ago. One would hope that as we mature, our sense of humor matures with us, which means what we found funny when we were 20 might not be as hilarious today.

This might be the case with this movie. See the trailer below (*warning: NOT safe for work):



See what I mean? The apple pie gag was funny 12 years ago and masturbation was funny 12 years ago. But in my 30's, masturbation is a little less wacky.

I am curious about what became of all the characters, so I will likely see the movie. But I won't laugh as much at the same kind of raunch.

Comedies like American Pie (and Hangover) have to be careful. Jokes that are hilarious the first time don't go over as well a second time. So often sequels try to up the shock factor and just end up failing big time. Then you end up with transsexual hookers, grandmother having sex with young boys and crude fart jokes my 3-year-old would make.

Is this going to be one of those? Maybe. Only time will tell. But judging from the trailer, my guess is yes it will.

Still, the gang is older and wiser. Many of them are parents. I sort of feel like they have hit all the same life milestones I have at the same time (I graduated in 1999 like them, got married in 2003 like them, etc.). So it will be nice to see them all again. Even if they are not as funny.

What do you think of the trailer?


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