'Friday Night Lights' Movie Is Happening and Can't Lose

Friday Night Lights fans, I've got great news—FNL is coming to the big screen! I mean, again. You know, since it was originally a movie before it became a TV show. My point is, there's going to be a movie version of the TV version!

Wow, I can't not make that sound confusing. Anyway, the confirmation came from Tami Taylor herself, so it must be true. Connie Britton—who, as some of you probably know, got a well-earned Emmy nomination for her role as Coach Taylor's wife in the TV series—told Us Weekly that the movie version is "happening for realsies."

Say it with me, guys: clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.


The show's executive producer announced plans in August to adapt the series into a movie, and it sounds like everything's moving along nicely. According to Britton,

Pete is totally fired up to do it and I know Jason Katims is talking about writing a script. I think it's really a matter of ... getting everyone's busy schedules aligned and making it happen. It kind of feels like there's a lot of commitment to it.

While Britton's busy these days with American Horror Story, she assures fans, "I for one will do my part in trying to push it along"—which is good to hear, because Tami Taylor is pretty much my favorite character on FNL. Well, aside from Coach Taylor. And hello, TIM RIGGINS.

Mmmmmm ... Tim Riggins. *drools on keyboard*

If you've never seen Friday Night Lights, you should probably rectify that situation ASAP because it's one of the best shows on television. Even if you despise football, as I do, I can almost guarantee you'll fall in love with the amazing writing, actors' performances, and absolutely outstanding cinematography. That handheld documentary style works so well in this show, and each episode seems to feature at least one shot that rivals some of the best-looking movies.

If they could do all this with a TV series, I'm super excited to see what they'll bring to the big screen. To whet your appetite, here's a fantastic look at the show courtesy of the Emmy Award trailer:

Are you happy to hear there's going to be a Friday Night Lights movie?

Image via NBC

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