'Dolphin Tale' Is This Generation's 'Free Willy' (VIDEO)

dolphins taleThere are so many reasons I am psyched for Dolphin Tale, the new movie about a tail-less dolphin named Winter, set to hit theaters this Friday, September 23. I have watched the trailer over and over again, and each time I can't help but get a little emotional. The thing is, I usually hate movies like this. They give away the entire movie in the trailer. They SHOW the dolphin jumping in the air with a prosthetic tail to cheers — in the trailer! It's not like I am giving away the goods here people. However, this movie to me is sort of like 127 Hours. You knew he was going to cut off his arm in that movie, but we still flocked to go see it, because it was about the journey. Movies like these are about how they survive their ordeals. Plus, really, who can resist Harry Connick Jr. and Morgan Freeman? Really? Who?


Also, I feel like this will be my kid's Free Willy. That perfect, inspirational, you-can-do-anything type of movie that I often crave for (but don't find) when searching the listings for a movie to go with with the family. I don't know any child that wouldn't want to be there, on the beach, rescuing this poor dolphin — and then, in return, have the  dolphin fall in love with them.

Plus, Winter, the dolphin, stars as herself! She is still alive and well and living in the same aquarium in Clearwater, Florida where she was given her prosthetic tail. So, happy ending all around. Plus, Winter continues to help people, from war veterans to children, adjusting to prosthetic limbs. If you haven't already, you can check out the trailer below.

Will you go see Dolphin Tale when it hits theaters next week?

Image via YouTube

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