J.J. Abrams Will Make 'Star Trek 2' Most Awesome Movie Ever

I was never a huge fan of the original TV series, but I am officially geeked right out over the news that there's going to be a Star Trek 2. As in, the newer take on the lovably corny old franchise. As in, awesome effects and kickass action sequences. As in, MOAR CHRIS PINE PLZ.

Oh yeah. Not only is Zachary Quinto on board to play Spock again, but Chris Pine—perhaps hoping to jump start his previously red-hot career trajectory after his meh performance in Unstoppable—has signed on for another run as James Tiberius Kirk.

Are you ready to send your nerdy film-frenzy into warp drive?


J.J. Abrams has signed on to direct the sequel. Yessssss! While it seemed like a given that Abrams would be the one to follow up his wildly successful 2009 Star Trek reboot, you never know what travesties Hollywood will foist upon us. I wouldn't have been surprised at all to see a different director on the second film, since it's nearly a given that it will attract a decent audience no matter who's manning the helm.

Instead, the writers for 2009's
Star Trek will be writing the screenplay for Star Trek 2, and the original producer has joined the team as well. Production is supposed to start later this year for what will probably be a 2013 summer release date. It kind of sucks that we have to wait so long, but it's a good sign that the release date was reportedly pushed back to give the writers more time to fine-tune the script.

Not to be overly excitable about it or anything but I'm pretty sure Star Trek 2 is going to be THE MOST AWESOME MOVIE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF TIME OH MY GOD.

Or . . . okay, at the very least, I'm positive it's going to be pure cinematic fun, much like the first one. I mean, J.J. Abrams—
Lost, Alias, Fringe, Cloverfield, Super 8—the man is kind of a genius, right? Plus, did I mention the part about Chris Pine? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. *makes vaguely lewd Vulcan hand gesture*

Here's a collection of trailers from the 2009
Star Trek just to whet your appetite:

What do you think, are you looking forward to a second Star Trek?

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