Kristen Stewart Makes 'Bella' Faces in New Music Video

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart's been very under the radar lately, probably because she's been busy filming Snow White and the Huntsmen in London. Although rumor has it she was seen out and about at a nightclub recently without Rob (gasp! the horror! she's obviously cheating on him!). Today she's turned up in the most unlikely of places, featured in a music video for the song "I Am Broken" by Marcus Foster, who just so happens to be a good buddy of Robert Pattinson.

The video features a hauntingly broody, soulful, bluesy tune sung in the style of "Let Me Sign," Foster's song that Pattinson covered for the Twilight soundtrack.

Aww, helping out her guy's friend. What a girlfriend. Because honestly, knowing Stewart was in the video is probably the only reason I listened to it. And after seeing it, I have no doubt that working on this video was probably the easiest gig in the world for Stewart.


Stewart looks lovely in the way that few Hollywood actresses can. No makeup, simple jeans and a white shirt, don't even think she combed her hair for it (she's been hanging out with Pattinson for too long). Perfectly natural and unglammed. A little distressed and sad (not that we'd expect her to be cheerful for a song titled "I Am Broken"). She looks like she's pondering a lot of deep stuff and she's doing that anxiety ridden but at the same time sexy thing with her mouth again. Seems familiar, huh? She's played this role before, oh, three or four times, as I recall.

People sometimes criticize Stewart for looking so dour and sloppy all the time, but I think they're just jealous that they don't look half this sultry after they've just crawled out of bed.

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