Worst Summer Movies of 2011 List Is Bad News for Ryan Reynolds

cowboys and aliensSummer isn't over quite yet, but with Labor Day approaching and that fall breeze moving in, it's just about time to deflate the floaties and put away the beach toys. The entertainment world has pretty much concluded that the season's over -- they've come out with a list of this summer's biggest flops at the box office.

Unfortunately, it's really bad news for Ryan Reynolds. Here are the top 10 biggest box office tankers for the summer of 2011.

  1. Cowboys & Aliens -- It cost $163 million and so far has only made $129 million. I remember seeing the previews for it and thinking it was a spoof, that it was one of those fancy AMC commercials/previews that remind you to silence your cellphone. Unfortunately, it was real. And it bombed.
  2. Larry Crowne -- Who knew a movie about Tom Hanks riding a bike would do so badly? Lol. Even co-star Julia Roberts couldn't save this flick. It's only made $52 million worldwide.
  3. Green Lantern -- I'm not into superhero themes, but apparently this one didn't reach anyone's expectations. It cost $200 million and so far has made $206 million ... ouch. The star of the show? Ryan Reynolds.
  4. Priest -- Who? What? Never heard of it. This Paul Bettany film based on the Korean graphic novel was a stinker.
  5. The Change-Up -- I love Jason Bateman, but when you add in a magical fountain and a Freaky Friday plot, I lose interest. The other star of this show? Ryan Reynolds.
  6. Conan the Barbarian -- This remake has unfortunately nothing to do with our favorite ginger late-night host and everything to do with poor performance. It cost around $70 million, and so far, it's only made $22 million.
  7. Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer -- I don't even know what this is.
  8. Fright Night -- This Colin Farrell vampire remake was supposed to be pretty good ... guess it totally sucks.
  9. Glee: The 3D Concert Movie -- You couldn't pay me a thousand bucks to sit through this, and apparently I'm not alone. It's grossed only $14 million worldwide.
  10. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan -- The film, which is in Mandarin and English, couldn't capture the fans that made this book a best-seller.

Poor Ryan Reynolds was in two of these tankers this summer! Oh well, at least he's got a new love to cheer him up.

Did you see any of these movies?

Photo via onlinemovieshut.com

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