'Higher Ground' Gets Real About the Question of Faith (TRAILER)

Vera Farmiga in Higher GroundVera Farmiga in Higher GroundIf you love strong female leads, then you, no doubt, loved actress Vera Farmiga who played George Clooney's smart frequent-flying lover in Up in the Air and received an Oscar nomination for the role.

In Higher Ground, her new film and her directorial debut, Farmiga plays Corinne Walker, an Evangelical Christian woman, wife, and mother questioning a whole lot more than the 1970s era's changing gender roles. She questions her faith in God. Risky, fascinating territory, I must say, and a film that finally discusses a complex topic I'm dying to see explored from a female writer and director's point of view.


WATCH the Higher Ground trailer:

Some topics are definitely taboo in our society, and those always seem to be the ones I most want to read or see explored in film. Because more than anything, I like to be let in on the authenticity and truths of humanity -- whether I directly or indirectly relate. When it comes to a woman's faith in God, we usually only get to see one side or the other -- the non-believing Atheist or the god-loving servant with nary a doubt. Neither of these people feel very real to my own experience with faith. I stand firmly somewhere in the middle, but that middle is rarely explored. Where else can we find the perfectly imperfect Agnostic or even the perfectly imperfect questioning Atheist or Christian woman?

In an interview on NPR, Farmiga says her character is "looking for a passionate, intimate relationship with God," but she also seeks more in her close relationships:

Being genuine, that's the only way to change things about any relationship. She's looking for that within ... the human relationships in her life, with her husband, with her sister, with her mom, with her children.

Corinne's story comes form real-life experiences of author Carolyn Briggs, who chronicled her life and struggles as a born-again Christian in her book This Dark World: A Memoir of Salvation Found and Lost. And Farmiga chose the script for all the reasons that I want to see the film:

It's rare to encounter really, fully dimensionalized portrayals of women as I know women to be. I want to see women relating to each other more in the ways that have been very helpful and integral in my life. When I look at female characters, I want to recognize myself in them: my trials, my tribulations as a mother, as a lover, as a daughter. I want to see the things that I struggle with. ... I want to see the murky stuff.

Yes, yes, and yes! Maybe I didn't know it for sure until I saw this trailer, but right now I totally want to explore the life of a woman who questions her faith, who loses her connection with God, and who tries to find her way back. Whether she gets there or not, we'll have to find out, but I'm just dying to see the journey.

Are you interested in the territory that Higher Ground is exploring?


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