Taylor Lautner Just Got Hotter, How Is That Possible?

Taylor LautnerIs it just me or does Taylor Lautner seem to grow handsomer and handsomer every day? Lautner was all smiles today and looking oh so fine at the premiere of his new film Abduction in Sydney, Australia. He was wearing a tailored grey suit, a slightly shorter spikey haircut, and a little scruff on his face and looking just absolutely perfect in the spotlight, of which he's getting quite used to lately.

First the movie premiere, then he has to fly back to California to attend the 28th Annual MTV Music Awards this Sunday, where he's going to present an award. And look extremely hot doing it.

Oh, did I get that "looking hot" point across already? Sorry [blush], something must have distracted me.


It almost makes me glad that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will probably not be among the attendees this year. Stewart is in London filming Snow White and Pattinson is still a question mark, but if she doesn't go, he probably won't either.

And that's okay. It will be nice to have Lautner be the only Twilight star to represent for a change. Lautner is as funny as he is cute. He's sure to have something exciting up his dapper sleeve, and if nothing else, he'll make for some excellent eye candy to behold. Sorry, being redundant again. At least he's probably relieved that he won't have worry about Pattinson laying another big ol' sloppy one on him again this year. Man, that was so embarrassing.

Are you looking forward to seeing Lautner at the MTV Awards this Sunday?

Image via Mark Metcalfe/Getty

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