'Change-Up' Reviews Are Hopeful for the Dirty Minded

the change-upFreaky Friday and It Takes Two are hands down two of my favorite childhood movies. So the fact that Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are taking on a bit of body-swapping themselves in the new movie The Change-Up, in theaters today, August 5, makes me a bit giddy. Mostly because I have an eensy inkling that these two guys are a helluva lot funnier than Jodie Foster or the Olsen twins.

The fact that this movie is directed by David Dobkin, known best for Wedding Crashers, only heightens my anticipation. So what are the critics saying? Read The Change-Up reviews after the jump.


Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News:

The thing is, this could have been funny.

Roger Ebert, The Chicago Sun-Times:

The Change-Up is one of the dirtiest-minded mainstream releases in history. It has a low opinion of men, a lower opinion of women, and the lowest opinion of the intelligence of its audience. It is obscene, foulmouthed, scatological, creepy, and perverted.

Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post:

Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds struggle valiantly to transcend the movie they're in.

Claudia Pulg, USA Today:

While this raunchy Freaky Friday meets Trading Places has some laughs, it's more often frat-boy crass, frantic, and formulaic.

Michael Phillips, The Chicago Tribune:

The movie ... isn't very good. A lot of it, in fact, is hacky and repellent.

Okay, so it doesn't exactly seem like the critics are very enthused. But I'm thinking a glimpse of Ryan Reynolds shirtless makes this one worth at least a matinee ticket, perhaps? Watch The Change-Up trailer and decide for yourself:

Are you planning on seeing The Change-Up this weekend?


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