'Friday Night Lights' Movie in the Works: Texas Forever!!

friday night lightsI've been feeling really depressed ever since the last episode of Friday Night Lights aired on July 15, 2011 at 8 p.m. EST. I haven't been myself. I've been drinking six packs of beer for breakfast, going to strip clubs in the day, laying on the 50-yard line of just about any football field I come across, but nothing has shaken me of this "lights off" funk. Until ... freaking ... NOW. FNL lovers, do I have some news for you: The nation is abuzz with Peter Berg's exclamation that there will be a Friday Night Lights movie. A movie! Praise Texas!

Berg says the project is being taken very seriously and that our hopes and dreams could be realized on the big screen sometime in 2013. And that's not even the best part!


Guess WHAT!? The movie is going to be centered around Coach and Tami Taylor. Coach and Tami! Sorry, I just can't help repeating myself! Repeating myself! It just seems too good to be true. I guess clear eyes, full hearts, really can't lose!

Although the TV series never got great ratings, there's certainly a big enough following to make this movie successful. Anything that stars Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton as husband and wife will succeed beyond expectations. And I know what you're thinking, dear FNL comrade: But there already was a Friday Night Lights movie! True. But that doesn't matter. This FNL movie is going to pick up where the TV show left off. Meaning Coach and Tami will be living in Philadelphia, so there's going to be a whole new, exciting story line right there. In Philly! Coach! Tami! Gracie!

And Berg assures us that returning cast members will make appearances ... I mean, what's an FNL movie without Tim Riggins? Ooh! Maybe the movie will show Rigs and Tyra living in that house together, and Tyra being a teacher at East Dillon or something. And Rigs being the coach. Too full-circle? Not for me!

I'm obviously freaking out over this joyous news and cannot wait to wear my East Dillion Lions t-shirt to the movie on opening weekend. (Sidebar: I have a Dillon Panthers tee, too. What do I do with it?? It feels somehow evil now.)

Let the countdown to the Friday Night Lights movie begin!

Will you see it? Are you excited? Do you think they should just leave it well enough alone and not try and make a movie after the perfection that was the TV series?

Photo via NBC.com

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