Eerie 'Another Earth' Movie Premise Totally Wigs Me Out (VIDEO)

Another EarthAnother EarthWhat if we located another Earth? A duplicate. A parallel planet. Just like ours. And what if it included another you? Just like you -- but possibly a worse you than you. Or even scarier, a better you. Well, that's the backdrop premise for the new sci-fi film called Another Earth. Granted, the film doesn't look like any sort of special-effects-laden space odyssey of a sci-fi flick but rather more of a cerebral trip from the point of view of one young woman named Rhoda Williams (Brit Marling). A woman I somehow completely relate to in the short two-minute trailer. Watch it.


WATCH the Another Earth trailer:

Crazy, huh? Almost too crazy to think about? None of us really want to consider the life that could have been, might have been, should have been -- not in a real way. It's too hard. Too scary. Good or bad. We go through our lives now, doing our best to move forward, always forward, no regrets, don't look back. However, the Another Earth storyline opens up the giant porthole in our minds that lets us ask But what if I could change things? Would I turn out better for it? Would I feel complete? Would everything make sense in the end? Or would life (at least my internal life) end up totally the same no matter what path I'd taken?

It's frickin' mind blowing, I tell you. I hope the movie is, too!

Another Earth opens in select theaters today.

Does this movie look like a good one to you?

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