'Breaking Dawn' Sneak Peek at Comic-Con: Was It the Sex Scene?

I sort of thought only hardcore comic-book-loving nerds were willing to line up for Comic-Con panels, but it turns out that Twihards are every bit as dedicated as Marvel fanboys. Members of Team Edward, Team Jacob, and Team I Don't Care What Team I'm On As Long as Sparkly Vampires Are Involved showed up in droves for today's Twilight panel in San Diego, some going so far as to camp out several days ahead of time.

The reason fans were in such a state of frenzied anticipation? It wasn't necessarily due to the fact that Twilight cast members were on deck—although you have to assume at least a few people were there to get a glimpse of Robert Pattinson in the flesh—it was because the panel promised to show some sneak peek footage of Breaking Dawn.

And what do you suppose fans were most hopeful they would see firsthand? Oh, I bet you can guess . . .



Yes, the most committed Twilight fans are also, by and large, the ones who are most eager to clap eyes on the infamous scene involving Edward, Bella, a lot of torn up bedding, and the lingering question we all want to know the answer to: is Edward's penis as cold as his—

Okay, maybe that's just something I've been wondering. Ahem. Anyway! Aside from the widely anticipated bow-chicka-wow-wow footage, the most in-demand item on the fans' wishlist for the Twilight panel was a look at Bella's wedding dress. As in, the dress from the wedding scene Kristen Stewart said was "[filmed] Secret Service style," adding that "if this dress gets on the Internet, I'll die!"

Unsurprisingly, the footage everyone's dying to see was NOT, in fact, revealed at Comic-Con today, because . . . well, duh. Instead, they showed a moment from the honeymoon scene that featured Edward—OMG!—untucking his shirt, along with a brief glimpse of that hot, throbbing matrimonial bed. Apparently panel attendees were also privy to a scene that showed Bella "panicking in the honeymoon suite as she anticipates her night ahead." (Probably because she was totally having second thoughts about making sweet bed-busting love to an icicle. What? I'm just saying, if you've ever experienced a chilly speculum, it's impossible not to think about this.)

I can't blame the fans for being so laser-focused on the sex scene, especially since we're all probably curious as to how true to the book they'll make it, and if I'd been at the panel I would have been hoping for the same thing. Whatever with the dress, I already spent all my 2011 wedding fashion give-a-crap budget on Kate Middleton.

Which Breaking Dawn scene would you pick, if you had the opportunity for one sneak peek?

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