'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Is a Totally Satisfying Teaser (VIDEO)

Dark Knight Rises posterThe Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer has finally been released online and boy, does this movie look good! In fact, this newly released sneak preview is a perfect example of how all movie trailers should be done but often aren't. So many movie trailers anymore give away too much of the goods. Haven't you seen a movie lately, which showed all the good one-liners in the preview? I hate that.

Well, The Dark Knight Rises teaser doesn't do that at all. In fact, if you're a fan of the Batman movies, you're really going to love it. The trailer gives us the few critical components that a good trailer needs, especially for a final film in a much-loved trilogy, and no more -- which leaves us so perfectly fiending to see it all.


Film's setting and tone:

Just as we saw in the Dark Knight poster released last week (and shown above), Gotham City is crumbling. Of course, this could mean Gotham is falling apart before Batman comes out from hiding and rises again. Or it could foreshadow that all will be lost for Gotham (and/or Batman) in the end. Either way, we know we're going to get the dark, gritty world that we have come to know and love in the Batman films. Evil always looms closely, doesn't it?

Something meaty for true fans:

Yes, Liam Neeson! That means Batman's enemy Ra's Al Ghul returns (well, sort of)! True Batman fans will love speculating about what this reference back to Batman Begins, the first movie, reveals about the new film. How will the Al Ghul reference play out in the new movie? Will we see more of Al Ghul in flashbacks? Will big secrets be revealed?

A glimpse of the new movie's storyline:

In the trailer, when Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) says in that raspy powerless voice, "And now this evil rises. The Batman has to come back," we know everything we need to know about where this movie is headed. Batman will rise! Yes!

A peek at the new villain:

Batman movies are always ultimately about good vs. evil, Batman always serving as the good. But who will be the evil? The trailer reveals the movie's villain with a quick flash of creepy mask-faced Bane (Tom Hardy), all those tubes surely in place so he can constantly free-base Venom. Yikes!

But what about Catwoman (Anne Hathaway)? And Joseph Gordon-Levitt is supposed to play a Gotham cop. What's his story? And what about Marion Cotillard? Is she really just going to be some boring Board member or is there more to her character than that? Plus, Matthew Modine is slated to play somebody named Nixon. Tell us more, tell us more ... but we're so glad they didn't. We just get a good glimpse and a tasty tease, and yet it gives nothing away. The most perfect kind of trailer.

WATCH official The Dark Knight Rises trailer:

Are you excited to see The Dark Knight Rises?


Image via The Dark Knight Rises

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