Ryan Gosling Has Women Falling in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'

ryan goslingHere's something to think about as you start your weekend: Ryan Gosling. Just the name alone gives me goose bumps. (Ryan Gosling. Ooohoohoo! Mufasa.) I have three things for you: One, he's moved to New York City. Two, he thinks NYC women are hot. Three, he's single.

And possibly down to mingle.

Our man has been spotted all over the East Village talking to fans, dining al fresco, and breaking hearts left and right. Most notably mine, when I saw him at a restaurant and he didn't propose. I mean, am I not good enough for him or something?


The brief eye contact we shared was all I needed to know that I was ready to be his lawful wedded wife. Guess he didn't feel the same way. Single tear.

Anyway, I couldn't be happier about welcoming Ryan into my neighborhood. To be honest, I think we need more guys like him around. From the photos I've looked at repeatedly online since 9am this morning, Ryan looks cheerful, friendly, approachable, and funny. He's funny! Look at his face. At over-rated hot spot Peels, Ryan hugged fans and made funny faces at the paparazzi. Swoon. I love a man who makes funny faces at the paparazzi.

I know I don't need to tell you, but Ryan's movie Crazy Stupid Love opens July 29. He's shirtless in the movie and he helps Steve Carell become more of a ladies' man. Nuf said. It's my new favorite film of all time, behind The Lion King (oooooh! Mufasa).

And lucky for me, I get to see Crazy, Stupid, Love on Sunday and talk to Ryan about it on Monday. It's his second and final chance to ask me to be his bride. I'm not very patient. Oh and DUH I'll report back every last detail about him. I won't hold back on you, promise.

How much do you love Ryan Gosling?

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