5 Reasons 'Dark Knight Rises' Will Be Awesome

There are few movies that can trigger a fan frenzy just by the release of an enigmatic poster, but The Dark Knight Rises is definitely one of them. Yesterday Warner Bros. sent out the first official promo poster for Christopher Nolan's third and final Batman film, and blogs are lighting up with interpretations for the ominous Inception-esque image.

(Let's see, we've got what appears to be Gotham falling into ruin, with the famed Bat symbol tearing through the rubble above the city. *strokes chin thoughtfully* Why, it's almost as if the Dark Knight will rise, in some manner, to save the day. You're welcome, thematic detectives!)

The poster has arrived just days before we're going to be able to clap eyes on the first movie trailer (it's supposed to debut in front of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 when it opens on Friday), and I imagine Nolan will keep fans guessing in the preview as well. However, I'm convinced the film is going to be awesome, for the following reasons:


Anne Hathaway is Catwoman. This casting choice feels so incredibly WRONG it's just got to be right. You know what I mean? I cannot for the life of me picture sugar-sweet Anne as Selina Kyle, which means Nolan probably had a damn good reason for using her. I predict she's going to surprise us all.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Mmmmmmm, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I hope he's wearing a skinny tie and doing the quirky eyebrow thing. Also maybe he could take his shirt off and mouth "I love you, Linda" to the camera. Just saying.

Bane looks creepy as hell. The one peek we've had of Tom Hardy as scary Arkham Asylum runaway Bane looks amaaaaaaazing.

Christian Bale will be chewing the scenery as always. You can always count on Bale to turn in a ridiculously dedicated performance, you know? Between the notoriously anal Nolan and infamous method actor Bale, I can't imagine what the set must be like when they're shooting. Insanely annoying, probably. But the results will be awesome.

Michael Caine makes everything better. Every Batman fan loves Alfred Pennyworth, and Caine's crisp, snarky take on the character is awesome. ("You really are quite bright, Master Wayne, despite what people say.")

It's hard to believe there's already so much buzz for a film that won't be available for a year, but some things are just worth getting excited about ahead of time. I'm sure someone will eventually pick up the franchise again and we'll have a whole slew of new Batman movies under a different director's helm, but I can't wait to see what Nolan did for his last take on a beloved storyline.

Are you looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises? What do you think of the poster?

Image via The Dark Knight Rises

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