'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' Reviews: Better Than the Second One

'transformers: dark of the moon' Shia LaBeoufShia LaBeouf & Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyUnless you're hiding under a rock, you're pretty well aware that the third installment of the Transformers series from director Michael Bay is out this week. Commercials have most likely been plaguing your TV, and posters for Transformers: Dark of the Moon are absolutely everywhere.

Shia LaBeouf is back, with new leading lady Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I can't help but wonder, will LaBeouf make the moves on Rosie like he did on Megan Fox? Is the action in this one just as mind-boggling as the last?

Not to worry, movie fans. The reviews for Transformers: Dark of the Moon are in, and it seems like it might be a fairly watchable flick to see this holiday weekend:


Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel:

The funniest, best executed film in the Earth-protecting robots-that-look-like-cars-and-trucks series, "Moon" delivers the popcorn in gigantic fist-fulls of fun. It's a head-slappingly stupid as ever, a product placement action film with a Camaro as a hero. But Michael Bay's cartoon-come-to-life co-opts NASA history and re-decorates Chicago with gusto as over-the-top as any manic Shia LaBeouf rant.

Tom Charity, CNN:

It's a lousy movie, but at least it's a lousy movie with a serviceable story, killer CGI, and an action climax that goes on forever (at least an hour). An awful lot of people like that kind of thing -- my kids included.

Wesley Morris, The Boston Globe:

The more action sequences, locations, actors, historical events, machines, effects, monosyllables, weapons, and American-flag close-ups the movie shoves in its mouth and ours, the less we're able to taste. That's perfect for a director who continues to lack that sense.

A majority of the reviews infer that this installment of the Transformers series is better than the last, and it has a so-so story line and is visually appealing.

The way I see it, true Transformers fans anticipate this movie because of the crazy number of action-packed scenes. I don't think anyone's walking in there looking for an Inception-like, mind-boggling plot line. And while Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon may not be Oscar worthy, it seems like the special effects and my girl crush on Huntington-Whiteley are what make it worth seeing.

Are you a Transformers fan? Will you be seeing the movie this holiday weekend?


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