Why ‘Toy Story 4’ Will Ruin the Whole Franchise

toy storyTom Hanks has a way of really making my day. He spilled to BBC that there will likely be a Toy Story 4, that they're working on it now, and that Tim Allen has already signed on! I can't get enough of the Toy Story franchise, I saw Toy Story 3 in 3D twice in the theaters (that's $36 here in NYC, folks) but I'm cautiously optimistic about a fourth installment.

There are pros and cons when it comes to extending any film franchise -- some sequels have been absolutely terrible. And Toy Story 3 was such a high note to end on, why would they want to make a fourth?


I mean, besides the money. Obviously Toy Story 3 was such a mega hit -- it ranks ninth on the all-time list of highest grossing films with $415,004,880 brought in -- that if Toy Story 4 did only half as well, it'd still rank 104th for domestic gross.

Here's how I see it. They should only make Toy Story 4 if everyone signs on. That means Hanks, Allen, Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head), and Wallace Shawn (the T-Rex). We can't have their voices changed, they're too integral to our Toy Story experience. We'll also need the same writers because if anyone will be able to top TS3, it's them. Furthermore, they should only make Toy Story 4 if they wait, a while ... maybe a few years. Let's catch up again with the toys as they're being given to Andy's kids. Right?

They really shouldn't make TS4 only for the money. They've got such a loyal fan-base who will have high hopes for another sequel, and who will be able to detect if it's done half-ass. We want to laugh and cry and be reminded about the simple lessons in life that will help us succeed (loyalty, love, and working together to name a few) and we don't to spend $18 on anything that won't tug at our heart-strings and that won't make us hug all our toys when we're home to visit Mom and Dad for Labor Day.

Are you skeptical of or excited for Toy Story 4?

Photo via Alan / Falcon/ Flickr

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