Jennifer Love Hewitt Doesn't Deserve Worst Actress Nod

Bummer news for Jennifer Love Hewitt: apparently it has been scientifically proven that she's the worst actress in Hollywood. According to some in-depth research of the movie scores at, Hewitt is the worst reviewed actress since 1985.

I don't get it, personally. I mean, I guess I wouldn't exactly call myself a big fan, but when I think of the most annoying actresses working today her name doesn't even make the list. Then again, I never saw Garfield or I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, so maybe I just missed out on her most execrable contributions to American cinema.

Even though she's clearly take on some less-than-stellar roles, I can easily come up with a handful of ladies who, unlike JLH, can absolutely be guaranteed to drag down any movie they're in. Check out the following and let me know if you agree:


Cameron Diaz. I know she hasn't always starred in horrible rom-coms, but since that's all she's done lately I just can't give her credit for her early performances. She's kind of like Jennifer Aniston in that if her name's in the credits I instantly assume a movie is going to blow, but Diaz earns bonus sucky actress points for having that creepy Joker-esque smile.

Jessica Alba. Oh god. Terrible. Just terrible. Also, I can't get past the fact that she once snottily stated that good actors never stick to the script, as if she's some sort of amazing Oscar-worthy improv genius. (Loved your brilliant work in Little Fockers, Alba.)

Megan Fox. So pretty. So dumb. Like an inbred Shetland Sheepdog with glossy fur who pees all over the kitchen whenever someone rings the doorbell.

Katherine Heigl. From bitching about the quality of writing at Grey's Anatomy to describing Knocked Up as sexist, Heigl consistently bites the hand that feeds her—which might actually be ballsy and intriguing if she wasn't a completely crappy actress. I can't think of a single thing she's been in that didn't make me hope her character was slated to be eaten by dingoes.

Renee Zellweger. Okay, I know this probably won't be a popular choice, but have you noticed that Renee Zellweger has the exact same range of facial expressions in every movie? Which is to say: squinty.

I actually think it was pretty lame of Slate to make such a big deal about their worst-of-Hollywood calculations, especially since the data is skewed (it's limited to actors who made more than 10 films, it doesn't look at her TV career, and hit movies reliably raise an actor's ratings even if their individual performance was awful). I'm sure it doesn't feel good to be called the worst at anything, and for someone whose career at least partially depends on reputation and popularity, it seems like this sort of thing can be damaging.

Personally, I'm kind of hoping for Jennifer Love Hewitt's sake she lands a super-desirable indie role that gives her the opportunity to mail Slate a photo of her Best Actress award—alongside a perfectly manicured middle finger.

What do you think of the 'worst actress' title, does JLH deserve it?

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