Joan Jett Still Rocks With Comments on Kristen Stewart

kristen stewartQuick, think of a name that evokes kick @ss gurl power. How about Joan Jett? Now think of a word that makes people roll their eyes and treat girls like they're fluffy, screamy tweenagers? Yeah, you've got Twilight. Now put them together, and what you have you got?

Kristen Stewart. And a whole lotta lovin' goin' on! If you remember, K-Stew stretched her wings from Bella into the world of rock and roll with The Runaways, playing none other than Jett to Dakota Fanning's Cherie Currie. And when the movie came out, having Jett walk around talking up Kristen seemed natural, didn't it?


Excuse the cynicism, but was a movie about her life; she wanted good press about it. But fast forward to this weekend, and I think I'm even more in love with Joan Jett than I was the first time I heard her screaming "I don't give a damn about my bad reputation."

It's now a year after the movie's come and gone. It's now stuck in the purgatory of Netflix on demand, and Joan Jett is STILL praising Kristen to the skies! In an interview just yesterday, Jett revealed:

Kristen had my posture, you know, the way I stand in space. It was really freaky. My friends and family saw it and thought she nailed it.

Considering Twilight producers were afraid of letting their star slip into the role of the feisty rocker chick, it's such a sweet thing to hear Jett still throwing her support behind K-Stew a whole year later, isn't it? It was a good thing all around -- for Jett, for Kristen, and for the Twilight franchise to have their star draw different, more hardcore rock fans. 

Are you a Joan Jett fan? How did you think Kristen did?


Image via Brinana :)/Flickr

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