Blockbuster 3D Erotic Film Invades My Personal Space

Calling all Avatar nerds! Forget James Cameron, because the latest advancement in groundbreaking 3D filmmaking is about to explode—in your face.

Get ready for 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, the first erotic Hong Kong period drama to be filmed in ALL THREE FLESHY DIMENSIONS.

Intriguingly described as "softcore," the adult movie has been wildly popular in other countries, breaking box office records since its release in Australia, New Zealand & Hong Kong. Sex and Zen even broke Avatar's opening day record in Hong Kong, proving once and for all that boobies beat aliens any day.

If you have long dreamed of the day when a pornographic movie could include protruding body parts that appear to erupt off the surface of the screen, great news! Sex and Zen has been acquired for theatrical release in North America, so it may be playing in a theater near you soon.

You might want to double-check that the 3D glasses have been sanitized first, of course.


Not sure what to expect in a 3D porn movie? Well, genitalia, for one. Looming, thrusting genitalia coming (ha!) at you via the illusion of depth perception. In the case of this particular movie, you'll see full-frontal male and female nudity in scenes of "explicit and sometimes violent sex."

According to one Hong Kong-based reviewer,

From the moment the first pair of jiggly 3D breasts appears -- prompting the male audience members to collectively gasp -- through to the fight scenes with 3D daggers thrown at the audience, this is 3D movie magic at its low-brow erotic best.

I'm no prude, and maybe I'm just envisioning this all wrong, but my overall reaction to this is ew. You know how you always have to fight back that involuntary urge to reach your hand up to touch whatever seems to be floating off the screen in a 3D movie? I don't want the thing I am reminding myself not to touch to be someone's HAIRY PENIS.

Just saying.

For the curious, here's a tame version of the trailer, which has an amusing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Nipple vibe to it:

What do you think, would you check out a 3D erotic film in the theater?

Image via YouTube

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