Latest 'Hunger Games' Movie Reveal Makes Fans Freak

Lenny KravitzWith each new detail released about the upcoming movie version of The Hunger Games, fans go crazy -- both crazy with delight and crazy with outrage -- as to how on earth such an awful casting decision could have been made. The newest actor to join the gang and put himself in the crosshairs: Lenny Kravitz.

Yes, Lenny Kravitz the singer. He's been cast as Cinna, the stylist who dresses Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence (another choice that freaked fans out). It's not his first acting role; he played a nurse in Precious and has been in several other films. I happen to love Lenny and think it was a pretty good choice, but some fans are dissing the decision big time.


As one commenter stated on a story posted by The Hollywood Reporter: "Yet another horrible casting decision in a series of horrible casting decisions. This movie is going to be extremely disappointing."

Twitter is fully of angry tweets about the announcement:

don't think lenny kravitz is good for #HungerGames ...they better not ruin these f#$king books

Hmmm Lenny Kravitz as Cinna? Errrmmm... Well he definitely wasn't my first choice. Oh well. #hungergames #movies

So done w/ #hungergames movie. Lenny kravits is NOT Cinna!! Getting off all the lists. Let me know when the trailer is out. May not watch.

Others were more intrigued by the idea and some even enthusiastic, but like with most things, the unhappiest voices make themselves heard the loudest. We've seen it with every choice this movie has made, which is to be expected.

Turning a book into a movie is wrought with potential disappointment, especially one this beloved by throngs of fans. When you get that immersed in a book, the characters come to life for you, so when their real-life counterparts are introduced, it's often jarring as to just how off the two can be.

Regardless of how much fans complain now though, I bet when March 2012 rolls around and the movie is released, they'll be fighting for tickets with the best of them.

What do you think of Lenny Kravitz as Cinna in The Hunger Games movie?

Image via Vincent Teeuwen/Flickr

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