New 'Modern Warfare 3' Trailers Released! Star SEAL Team Six? (VIDEOS)

modern warfare 3Modern Warfare 1 and 2 were huge for XBox and PlayStation -- so huge that I bet some relationships were ruined due to the obsession over playing the game. The online element was revolutionary and it changed the way games were played. It was seamless, my husband says, like you were special ops hunting the enemy with your friends who are remote. Navy SEAL style. My marriage is still intact despite of it but I am bracing myself for Modern Warfare 3 coming in November. And when it does, I'm prepared to watch in awe as my husband goes to battle from our futon. Because, yes, it's really THAT good.

Even non-gamers would be impressed with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise -- the first person shooter (FPS) game looks terrifyingly real and feels frighteningly real. Okay, only if you like terrifyingly and frighteningly real simulated stuff. It's so real that the game can only be played when our kids are asleep. And the third installment is promising to be better than Black Ops.


The site Kotaku says there is a mention of SEAL Team Six in MW3 (you know, the men who killed Osama), which might be a coincidence. The heroic Navy team was also in the first Modern Warfare. Either way, this is the closest most of us will come to the kind of battles our military sometimes faces. Get excited. Or get ready to lose your partner until the novelty of the game wears off. Check out the trailers.

America teaser:

England teaser:

Germany teaser:

And more of what you will see ....

Are you excited about the November 8th release of MW3?

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