Harsh 'Thor' Reviews Hit the Nail on the Head

thorTrue, superhero movies aren't everyone's cup of tea. But Thor is getting particularly hammered by the critics depending on which review you read. The general consensus seems to be the big budget movie is jam-packed with tons of action, cool special affects, and ... cliches. Moreover, supporting actors Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman aren't enough to carry a movie in which the main character (played by Chris Hemsworth, who reviewers have affectionately called a "meathead" and "celestial beer monster") is likeable and muscly but bland.

Come to think of it, Thor actually sounds like the perfect summer movie, right? Or does it?


A.O. Scott writing for the New York Times was perhaps the most  brutal in his critique:

As I stumbled out of the Imax multiplex all-media advance screening of Thor ... I thought of seeking shelter: in a nearby bar; under a passing bus; in the velvet shadows of an art house playing the longest, slowest, most obscure movie imaginable. But when something like “Thor” comes to town, there is really no refuge to be found in drink, death or subtitles, and so I tried to reason myself out of the leaden gloom that lay upon my soul as heavy as Mjolnir.

Xan Brooks writing for The Guardian was a little more forgiving -- but not much:

I'd hesitate to call this a good film, exactly. It's overlong and all over the place. The sets are tacky and the script is in spasms. Some of the supporting players (most notably a stricken Stellan Skarsgård) appear poignantly all at sea. But there's something weirdly charming about it just the same.

And, Jen Chaney for The Washington Post could take it or leave it:

There are two things about Thor that may stick in my memory: that Chris Hemsworth has the biceps of an otherworldy weight lifter and that the film’s frost giants reminded me a lot of the Snow Miser. The rest? It will probably fade into a CGI-generated mist before the weekend is up.

The question remains, then: How memorable should our summer blockbusters actually be? Maybe if we didn't take our superhero movies so seriously, we could relax and enjoy all the muscles special effects.

Are you going to see Thor this weekend?


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