'Little Miss Sunshine' Abigail Breslin Can Actually Sing! (VIDEO)

abigail breslinRemember Little Miss Sunshine, and how Abigail Breslin's dance to "Superfreak" pretty much stole the entire show? Well, it seems like she's back at it, and this time, she's taken to singing instead of dancing. Her new song "Fight for Me" is featured on the soundtrack of her latest film, Janie Jones, which recently premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Breslin, 15, plays a 13-year-old girl who informs a jaded rock star that she's his daughter after her mother (a former groupie) abandons her. During a road trip, they discover that Janie is quite the musician herself. (Weird -- sounds like what could have happened to Liv Tyler at some point, right?)

Anyway, "Fight for Me" could be a piece of trash. Breslin is an actress first and singer second, you know.


And so many actresses ... celebutantes ... Disney stars ... Heidi Montag, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian-types, etc. think that they can just decide to put out an album and instantly compete with the likes of, say, Beyonce or Adele. (To which the masses generally reply, "Hellllllls no!" again and again, thank the rock gods.)

But the exciting thing is ... Breslin's singing is exquisite! Actually, very mature, I have to say. And although it's mellow and acoustic, it's definitely a cinematic track -- you know, when listening, you could see her performing it on the big screen ... or imagine it playing over the credits. It definitely tugs at your heart strings.

So, actually, it's kind of wrong to say that all actresses who try to take on a music career crash and burn. Breslin in "Fight for Me" actually reminds me of Zooey Deschanel, the quirky ingenue from Elf and 500 Days of Summer who also happens to have a pretty successful folk-singing career. Granted, Breslin is 16 years Deschanel's junior, but you kinda never know it from listening to "Fight for Me."

Man, I just hope that Breslin definitely goes the way of Deschanel as opposed to someone like Evan Rachel Wood, who we found out could sing in Across the Universe, but who otherwise seems like a pretentious, awful person. Just because you're multi-talented doesn't mean you can act like a Hollywood elitist snob! Here's hoping Breslin continues to grace us with her many talents, while keeping that cute, down-to-earth head on her shoulders.

Here's the track for your own listening pleasure:

What do you think about "Fight for Me"?

Image via Nettwerk Productions

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