'Fast Five' Review: Not Quite What You'd Expect

Fast Five movie stillMaybe you've heard of this film series about street racing starring hot women and even hotter men? It all started 10 years ago (seriously?!) with The Fast and the Furious and continues today with Fast Five. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are back in the action, starting right where the last film ended, with O'Conner rescuing Dom as he was being transported to prison. Some of the favorites from films past also join in on the fun, including Tyrese Gibson, and Ludacris, and featuring Dwayne Johnson, aka "The Rock."

It's a wonder to some people that these movies kept getting made, but the last one was great so there are high hopes for this one. But is this one good enough to keep the franchise alive? Reviews for Fast Five can't quite agree.


Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times:

What it all comes down to is a skillfully assembled 130 minutes at the movies, with actors capable of doing absurd things with straight faces, and action sequences that toy idly with the laws of physics. 

Tom Charity, CNN:

By this stage of the game everyone knows the drill, and their camaraderie is infectious. It's is easily the most satisfying of Lin's three "Fast" films, a good time if not exactly a good movie.

Evan Crean, Starpulse:

At 2 hours and 10 minutes, it is way too long to keep the average action fan placated. [...] Let’s hope they stop at five to prevent further degradation of the series.

L. Thompson, E! Online:

The fifth in the Fast and the Furious franchise of flicks about car thieves and their sweet rides ought to be called The Slow and the Spurious.

Okay, so maybe the franchise is starting to lose steam, but personally, I can't think of many reasons not to see Fast Five. It's all about the escape from our mundane lives -- I mean, who doesn't love chase scenes, explosions, and completely unrealistic getaways? And, yeah, maybe it's a bit on the long side, but with all the eye candy, I hardly think it matters. Frankly, as president of her fan club, I'm just bummed I can't watch Michelle Rodriguez be a badass again (yes, I'm still mourning from the last one). 

With Fast & Furious arguably the strongest in the series and with another film already in the works, maybe this is just meant to serve as a tease of greatness to come. Alright, maybe not, but I'll probably watch that one too.

Are you a fan of the series? Are you excited to watch Fast Five this weekend?


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