'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Trailer Is Bananas! (HA HA HA—What?)

"And Proteus brought the upright beast into the garden and chained him to a tree and the children did make sport of him." Dr. Zaius

In just four more months, humanity will be overrun by medically mutated apes, and our only hope for survival might lie in the hands of perennially-stoned James Franco. That's the overall vibe I get from the Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer, anyway, which achieves something I thought no movie made after 1968 could possibly do: it actually makes me want to see an Apes reboot.

After the execrable Tim Burton remake in 2001, I figured no studio would want to put their stinking paws on this damned dirty ape franchise again—but the newly-released trailer of 20th Century Fox’s prequel looks fantastic.


We've come a long way since the monkey suits of the original, thanks in large part to Avatar special-effects company Weta Digital. The digitized apes are realistically spooky, and manage to avoid that overly CGI'd look some creature features fall prey to.

The trailer tells us everything we really need to know about the story's setup: Franco plays a scientist who has foolishly tinkered with the apes' biochemistry, turning them into super-smart cage-escaping Simians of Doom; there's a pretty lady (Freida Pinto) who totally warned him it was a bad idea OMG why didn't he
listen; and then—surprise!—the apes inevitably get loose and swarm all over the place looking scary as shit.

Confession: I have kind of a
thing about monkeys. I don't know what it is, but they completely freak me out. Even the babies, when they're supposed to be all adorable and human-like and people put bonnets on them and stuff? No. Thank. You.

So as a horror fan,
Rise looks right up my alley. Especially the last half of the trailer, with the eerie shots of apes doing things like taking over buildings and scurrying along suburban streets and, in one scene, staring creepily at a couple in their bedroom as they sleep. Gah. Shudder. Awesome.

Here's the
preview for all your ape-related nightmare needs:

What do you think? Will you be checking this out when it's released on August 5?

Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

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