'Scream 4' Review: Predictable in the Best Way

Scream 4 movie stillUnless you've been deathly ill this week, you probably know by now that Scream 4 opens this weekend. Our favorite Woodsboro residents, played by Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette, are back as they continue to be haunted and tormented by Ghostface. The setup this time around is that Sidney's back in town after writing a bestselling self-help book, just in time for the anniversary of the first killing spree. One would think that they'd all take a vacation and go to Fiji or some other remote island on such a day, but nope. Another killing spree begins.

So, will this be what we mention when asked "what's your favorite scary movie?" Let's see what reviews for Scream 4 tell us ...


Elizabeth Weitzman, NY Daily News:

Relying on obvious clichés doesn't seem ironic anymore, just easy. [...] Craven and Williamson have done little to renew their model, so for all its clever self-awareness, this once-sharp franchise now feels noticeably dated.

Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times:

The movie pulls off some jump-in-your-seat surprises, but hair-raising fear of the Freddy Krueger sort isn't one of them. Which is the price to be paid, I guess, by a franchise that's always valued its sarcasm as much as its scare. The good news is the satire is in top form with the return of writer Kevin Williamson

Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly:

about halfway into the movie, Scream 4’s forward motion seems to stall [...]. And by the end (or ends, actually — the plot resolution is the weakest part of the machine), the movie is for all intents and purposes carried out on a stretcher, just like one of the characters.

In reading the reviews, my first and second questions were: President Laura Roslin, is that you? What are you doing here?!

After I confirmed that Mary McDonnell is, in fact, in this movie, I was able to concentrate on what people were actually saying about Scream 4, which can be pretty much summed up as "it's fun, just don't expect too much." But we all saw that one coming, didn't we? The movie is a good time, but when a franchise relies on the same premise and execution four times in a row, it's hard to be shocked or awed.

Well, who knows, maybe a member of our beloved trio will actually die! Ok, unlikely.

Scream 4 probably won't end up being one of your favorite scary movies, but it's certainly entertaining enough. You'll get a good dose of snark and sarcasm, your daily fill of meta, and a few jumps in your seat. And really, isn't that what we watch the Scream movies for anyway?

Are you a fan of the Scream movies? Are you watching Scream 4 this weekend?


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