Kirsten Dunst Nude in 'Melancholia': Is This Her Comeback? (VIDEO)

Kirsten Dunst got one hell of a promising start, acting-wise. She was the cherubic child star who appeared with Brad Pitt in Interview With a Vampire, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination at just 13 years old.

While some of us may remember her best from the cheerleading flick Bring It On (*hangs head in shame*), Dunst is probably best known for playing Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man franchise. Since the trilogy ended in 2007, though, it seems like things have been relatively quiet for her.

That may change with the upcoming release of Melancholia, which stars Dunst ... COMPLETELY NAKED.


Okay, I don't actually know how often her various naked parts are on display in the movie, but any time an actress strips for a film, it tends to get noticed. Melancholia's director, Lars von Trier, is known for his controversial use of explicit imagery, and he didn't shy away from giving us more than a glimpse at Dunst's undressed bod in the trailer. 

The basic gist of Melancholia revolves around the wedding of the younger of two sisters, played by Dunst, and—stay with me, here—Earth's collision course with a planet that was previously "hiding behind the sun." The surprising cast includes Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Rampling, John Hurt, and my boyfriend Alexander Skarsgård.

Based on an interview with Lars Von Trier, I'd guess the film begins with a depressing amount of planetary destruction and goes back from there:

In "Melancholia" I start with the end. Because what is interesting is not what happens but how it happens! So we begin by seeing the world being crushed, then we can tell the story afterwards ... In this way you don’t have to sit and form theories about what will happen, but can delve down into some other levels and become interested in the pictures and the universe -- that’s what I imagine.

The trailer, which is slightly not safe for work due to that aforementioned nudity, makes me think the film is going to be confusing and gorgeous and sad and weird and possibly even awesome:

Melancholia will be released in the US on May 26—do you think you'll check it out?

Image via YouTube

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