Selena Gomez 'Monte Carlo' Is Every Girl's (& Bored Mom's) Fantasy

Selena Gomez Monte Carlo

The full trailer to the forthcoming Selena Gomez movie Monte Carlo is out, and if I were a teen girl, I could picture myself letting out a few squeals of anticipation for the film's release July 1. I could also see myself getting a little jealous, and start saving for a trip to Paris. Because this movie not only has a fantasy girl cast, it has fantasy clothes, fantasy shoes, fantasy hair, a fantasy location and fantasy hotties -- including a really fine talking European guy and a star from Glee!

Oh, heck. I am about as far from a teen girl as you can get, and even I squealed watching the trailer to this film today. OMG, like, I want to go to Paris with my girlfriends, go to fancy Euro parties until dawn, eat Lobster, and hang out with cute guys with accents who I can barely understand. Just for a little while. Is that so wrong?

*some spoilers ahead*


In the movie, Grace, played by Selena, and her friends Meg and Emma (Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy) travel to Paris for a dream getaway, but soon find out that the dream does not live up to the reality, including a grimy hotel room that looks nothing like the picture on the website. But then, after getting into a series of funny situations, Grace discovers her doppelganger Cornelia (yep, Selena doing double duty a la Parent Trap), a hoity-toity rich chick who wants a break from her high-profile life.

Then, you guessed it, Grace and Cornelia decide to switch places for a little while, giving Grace and her crew a taste of the good life and eventually traveling the Monte Carlo, the playground of the wealthy. How I wish I had my own doppleganger sometimes, who would invite me to step out of my sensible mom shoes into her wildly exciting life without soccer practice or grocery shopping. Nothing too crazy, just a week or two should do it. I wouldn't do anything bad. Just a little flirting. And I'd be sure to bring back my husband some fancy wine and my kids some really cool souvenirs of the Eiffel Tower. It would be so worth if for everybody!

Oh, the idea of switching places is far from original -- in my own head and also in this film -- and what happens from there is incredibly predictable as you can imagine -- the girls meet the guys of their dreams, one of which is Cory Monteith (Finn from Glee). How refreshing to see him outside his usual role, I wonder if he sings? I wonder if Justin B. approved?

But predictability isn't the point here. If I wanted to use my brain I'd read a book. I'll just have to remember to pack one in my suitcase.

Watch the trailer and tell me, will you be going to see Monte Carlo this summer?

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