On-Set Fights Between Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart: Whose Side Are You On?

ashley greeneUh oh, drama on the set of Breaking Dawn! Ashley Greene told InStyle Hair that things can get, well, a little hairy when you film long hours in close corners with a cast and crew. Especially with Kristen Stewart?

We're exhausted! Things happen. But the nice part is that at the end of the day, it's like yelling at your sister. You don't stay mad at her.

We may never know what Ashley and Kristen are fighting about, but I'm sure there's some jealousy at play here. Kristen is the darling of Twilight and Ashley is, how should I say this ... the one that doesn't get to make out with Robert Pattinson. That certainly puts her below K-Stew on the Hollywood totem pole. Ash is probably sick of swallowing that bitter pill and is taking out her annoyance on the film's A-listers.

I'm glad to hear that the girl fights don't last long, but a flash in the pan can still burn.

Whose side are you on?

Photo via Anthony Citrano/Flickr

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