'Three Stooges' Casts Larry & Curly -- Who's Gonna Play Moe? (VIDEO)

three stoogesThe long-delayed Three Stooges movie is finally underway again -- and directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly just announced that they have cast Will & Grace‘s Sean Hayes as Larry. Can't wait to see him in that wild curly hairdo! Previously it was announced that MADtv's Will Sasso would play Curly -- and that'll be easy. Sasso already looks just like Curly. So that leaves just one remaining stooge! Who should play Moe, the marvelously mean lead stooge?

Got any casting ideas? What actor could handle all that Moe-rific physical comedy (nose twists, eye pokes, and head slaps) and also rock Moe's fabulous bowl cut?


I'm a huge Three Stooges fan, nyuck nyuck! Who doesn't laugh at all those stupid slapstick antics? Who can ever get enough of Curly's high-pitched squawks when Moe double pokes him in the eyes (my favorite Moe move). And oh how Larry tries to serve as a helpful middleman (while still managing to eyeball the ladies), but he always ends up falling on his arse or getting smacked too. It's good times.

So who's going to play Moe?

It's been rumored that Jackass Johnny Knoxville was being considered to play Moe, but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Can't really see it. Maybe because Knoxville is pretty much a total babe.

Benicio del Toro was also being considered. Really? Isn't he a little intense? We know Javier Bardem can rock a crazy bowl cut; however, he doesn't seem slapsticky enough. I guess Eric McCormack who played Will on Will & Grace would be a little funny, and I can almost picture him in the hair. What about Matt Dillon? He can do mean pretty well.

Or, hey I know, what about Charlie Sheen? Strangely, I could totally see it. He's got the hair and that sinister look in his eye. And he totally needs a real job.

WATCH an episode of The Three Stooges:

Three Stooges -- love 'em or hate 'em? Who do you think they should cast as Moe?


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