Robert Pattinson & Snooki to Make Love in New Movie

robert pattinson In what is possibly the best news I've heard all week, it was announced April 1 that Snooki and Robert Pattinson will be starring in a new movie together due out in theaters next spring. The movie is a remake of the 1970s classic Love Story -- Snooki will play Ali MacGraw's character and, of course, R Pattz will fill Ryan O'Neal's shoes.

Studio execs at Fox Searchlight admitted they had become huge fans of Jersey Shore over the years and rotate having watch parties at each other's Hollywood mansions. One fateful night, R Pattz happened to be at Cameron Crowe's house when it was his turn to host.

Sipping a Heineken and munching on snack mix, it's reported that R Pattz fell in love with Snooki on the small screen. Apparently he caught the episode where Snooks gets day-wasted and falls face first into the sand -- it was must-star-in-movie-with-her at first sight.


It sounds almost too crazy to be true, and no one is finding this harder to believe than Snooki herself. When asked for comment, she told E! News:

Honestly, I'm shocked ... and still a little drunk from last night. Whoops! I was all, that pale vampire kid wants me to star in a movie with him? Hell yes! Sammi's going to be so jealous. Ooh! And like, I asked him if I could wear my signature line of slippers during our bedroom scenes and he said I could. He's like, so cool. So cool. Eek! I can't wait to make out with him! Do you know how much I'm getting paid for this?

Well, Snooki, the press release states that you'll be making $8 million for your role; R Pattz will pull in $15 million.

The movie is a heart-wrencher. R Pattz will play Harvard Law student Oliver Barrett IV, who falls madly in love with Jennifer Cavalleri (Snooki), a music student from the wrong side of the tracks. Despite their opposite backgrounds, the two turn an unlikely friendship into the love story of their lives.

The roles are meaty, and I'm wondering how Snooki is going to pull this off. She's enrolled in acting classes and has started a juice cleanse -- the directors are worried about her sobriety on set. Filming starts next month, but Robert Pattinson doesn't seem nervous. He explained to Entertainment Weekly:

Yeah, I know what people are thinking ... I'm crazy for starring in Love Story with Nicole. But what many people don't know is that Nicole has a tender heart and a bountiful soul that I know will shine through in the film. Rehearsals have been going magnificently. I'm actually excited to start filming. I think people will be surprised.

You got that right, R Pattz. I'm floored. But also dying to see this when it comes out. Will the two have chemistry? What will the love scenes be like? All I know for sure is that this could be the Gigli of Pattinson's career, and the highlight of Snooki's.

What do you think of R Pattz and Snooki starring in Love Story?!

UPDATE: April Fools!

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