Michael Douglas Puts Creepy Moves on Matt Damon

Matt Damon
Look out, Matt Damon!
Actor Michael Douglas seems like a nice dude in real life. I mean, if Catherine Zeta-Jones is into him and has kids with him, he must be alright, right? Well, I must say I struggle with my personal feelings about Douglas after his racy roles in Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct. I know he was just acting, but don't you ever have a hard time getting beyond an actor's well-played characters?

You see, Michael Douglas's "seductive, take-charge" characters, for me, always come off really creepy, not sexy. Those erotically charged scenes where he makes his moves give me nightmares a little. When he tries to "get rough" in a hot and steamy way, he comes off looking like a letchy predator. 

That's why I'm really worried for Matt Damon. Damon is about to become Douglas's next victim.


Matt Damon will play Scott Thorsen, the much-younger longtime lover and assistant to Michael Douglas's Liberace in a new film directed by Steven Soderbergh about the famously flamboyant piano player. In 1982, Thorsen filed a palimony suit for $110 million against Liberace, a move which publicly outed the entertainer.

Damon recently talked about this upcoming kiss scene with Douglas to E! Online:

It's scripted that there's more than one [kiss]. I never thought I would get to kiss Michael Douglas.

Oh, be careful, Matt Damon. I'd hate to see you thrown over a chair or tossed up on the kitchen counter, overpowered and taken by Michael Douglas. He's really good at being bad. Luckily, Liberace never came off as the scary, lecherous, or pushy type, so maybe you'll be safe, based on Douglas's character and the scripting alone.

We hope so, Matt, for your sake.

Do you think Matt Damon should be scared of his make-out scenes with Michael Douglas?


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